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What Our Customer Say About Us

I’ve been a FoneText user for a couple years now, after trying many SMS programs that fell short of the mark. FoneText delivers plain and simple. Comes with excellent support. The combination of SMS & Voice Broadcast makes this plugin in a league by itself. FoneText delivers
The Odd Market

Phillip Dane

The Odd Market

Provided every feature we were looking for. FoneText was our third attempt to find a Text Messaging solution. Wish we had found it to begin with. This has provided every feature we were looking for and is affordably priced. After sales support has been exceptional.

Lance McGrew

City of Champaign, IL

City of Champaign, IL

Neighborhood Services Department
FoneText really stands out in the crowd! It has been a huge hit with our clients. The ability to deliver instant notifications is invaluable. Has an easy to use interface, and great support.
Jaguar Analytics

Tom Joy, CEO

Jaguar Analytics

Our homeowners association has been using FoneText for many years, making over 500 calls per month and it has been an important addition. We replaced a much less flexible, more costly proprietary system and have been delighted with the results. It is well organized, easy to use and reliable, with readily accessible statistics on calling outcomes. I highly recommend it.

Jim Gore

Glenbrooke Community Association

Glenbrooke Community Association has been using FoneText for many years now and it has been a success. The support team there is always on point and is very prompt when you need them. I could not be more pleased.


Jake Raich

Chief Administrative Officer

We were contracted by an organization that runs school buses to create a text alert capability for approximately 2500 parents for when there are delays in buses. Because of harsh weather conditions, it was vital that parents knew when there were delays so that children were not left waiting outside.

After having searched through numerous SMS options, we settled on FoneText. We love this product and have no regrets.

Wake Marketing

Rob Dokuchie

Wake Marketing

It’s absolute PERFECT for what I need. **LOVE** it. What a super product. It’s been perfect for my company. It has saved me / made me money by allowing me to fill appointments that would normally go unfilled. Great stuff!
What a FANTASTIC tool you’ve created. I literally spent 2 months trying to figure out how to use Amazon’s SNS service to accomplish the same thing. Had a guy on a “rent-a-programmer” site mention your app. It’s absolute PERFECT for what I need to do with my clients.

In the bag Massage

Ray Owens

In The Bag Massage

FoneText is an essential tool for our business. We use it to alert our staff of adverse weather, business level demands, and weekly operation updates with links in the text message linking to our website. We have a dedicated number and don’t need to use our personal cell phone number. There are so many great features it’s difficult to pin point the parts. All in all, this is a great tool with continual improvements by the developer. 5 Star rating.

Snow Pro Portal

Tyler Barnes

Snow Pro Portal

If you are in need of sending/receiving text messages, look no further. This is the BEST - and I know as I have spent months researching and testing various solutions. Simple, easy to understand and it just plain works – all the time. I have FoneText installed on two of my sites and after thousands of sent text messages, have yet to experience any issues.

Nanny Parent Connection

Colby U

Nanny Parent Connection

I love FoneText, we have been using it for several months now and it works great!
We have a subscribers list of about 310 people that we send messages to 3-5 times a week. Every time it works fine, giving feedback to errors with disconnected phone numbers when it happens.

If you need to send text messages, this is a great one, I would highly recommend you check it out. Great Product and Service! FoneText has been a joy to use.

Mouco Cheese Company, Inc


Mouco Cheese Company, Inc

My team has been using FoneText to communicate with child care providers in Flint, Michigan. It has worked wonderfully, and we have been given us great support, even tweaking the code for us to better meet our needs.

InGlobal Learning Design

Jeff Kupperman

InGlobal Learning Design