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  • Create and maintain names, mobile numbers, email and mailing addresses in your own private database.
  • Create up to 10,000 records each in unlimited groups.
  • Send text and links with audio, video or image.
  • Personalize each message with recipient name.
  • Send up to 640 text characters per message.
  • Send a message immediately or send it another time.
  • Use links to open web pages with additional information.


  • Date & Time:
    Schedule additional messages to be sent at a future date and time.  
  • Drip Campaigns:
    Send out a series of messages to a group based on the date they were added to the list. Select the time and date when each text message is delivered.
  • Repeat Messages:
    Schedule a text message to be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Good for periodic specials, renewal reminders, annual checkups, payment reminders, weekly or monthly meetings, etc.


Businesses that have Blogs can notify groups based on post activities:

  • When a new post is added. 
  • A post is updated.
  • A comment is received.


  • Filter by Post Category.
  • Send the Post Title and a 20 Word Content Excerpt.
  • Display the author’s name.
  • Display the post date.
  • Include a link to the post or comment.
  • Many more options available.

Text Pricing Information

Monthly service fees shown above include private website, FoneText message service, website maintenance and support. In addition, pay separately for each text message. There is no limit to the number of messages sent or received each month.

Cost Examples:

Text With or Without Media*
(SMS and MMS messages)

$0.03 per text message, inbound or outbound.

100 messages cost $3.00.
1000 messages cost $30.00

Phone numbers used for texting cost $1.00 per month. A selection of phone numbers is available in an area code of choice. You may have as many phone numbers you wish. For large databases, messages can be expedited by using additional phone numbers.

*Text can include an Image, Audio or a Video

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Prices subject to change at any time.

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